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China 'will not seek to dominate'
Marking 40 year since key economic reforms, President Xi Jinping also said China would not be dictated to.
Yemen war: Ceasefire takes effect in Hudaydah after skirmishes
Hudaydah is reportedly calm after a UN-brokered ceasefire comes into force despite initial clashes.
Meng Wanzhou: China park rewards Huawei phone owners
Chinese firms are showing their support for phone giant Huawei, whose CFO is facing extradition to the US.
Two Scandinavian women tourists found dead in Morocco
The bodies of two Scandinavian women are found in the Atlas mountains with cuts to their necks.
Spain violence against women: Outrage at teacher's murder
The 26-year-old had crossed the country for a job but became the latest high-profile case of gender violence.
New Zealand to hold cannabis referendum in 2020
Votes are set to be cast during the country's next general election, following a pledge made last year
Former CBS boss Les Moonves denied $120m exit pay
US broadcaster refuses Les Moonves' severance deal following claims of sexual misconduct.
Making a Murderer detective sues Netflix for defamation
A former detective alleges the show suggests he planted evidence to frame Steven Avery.
El Salvador court frees woman jailed under anti-abortion laws
Imelda Cortez, 20, faced an attempted murder charge in El Salvador after giving birth in a latrine.
'Sexist' nude female skier advert gets icy reception
A naked woman is used to promote part of the ski world cup - and it was all downhill from there.


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