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Trump: US to begin cutting foreign aid over migrant caravan
As a caravan of thousands crosses Mexico, President Trump says the US will reduce aid to the region.
Saudis now admit journalist murdered
A senior minister blames a "rogue operation" as pressure mounts over the death of Jamal Khashoggi.
Joachim Ronneberg: Norwegian who thwarted Nazi nuclear plan dies
Norway's wartime hero Joachim Ronneberg led a daring raid to stop Hitler's plan for an atomic bomb.
Hurricane Willa: Mexico issues warning over 'extremely dangerous' storm
The "potentially catastrophic" storm Willa is expected to make landfall on Tuesday.
Russia nuclear treaty: Bolton in Moscow amid missile tensions
The US is pulling out of a Cold War missile treaty as its top security adviser visits Moscow.
In pictures: Rome suffers freak hailstorm and flooding
The Italian capital is hit overnight with flash flooding and giant hail in a wave of extreme weather.
Indianapolis zoo lioness kills father of her three cubs
Lioness Zuri attacked the father of her cubs, Nyack, who had lived with her for eight years.
#WeWontBeErased: Outcry over memo proposing US transgender change
A report in the New York Times suggests a government memo proposes fixing gender on birth genitalia.
Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian separatist leader resurfaces in Israel
Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu had not been seen since soldiers stormed his home more than a year ago.
Australia evacuates children off Nauru
The move comes amid reports of a mental health crisis affecting young people on the island.


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