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Trump's ex-lawyer enters the courtroom where the government is expected to disclose a plea deal, source says

Under deal, Cohen not expected to cooperate with the government, source says
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, is in talks to plead guilty to criminal charges in a deal that would bring an end to a months-long investigation that has riled the President, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Cohen is in court right now

Trump and Cohen's relationship implodes
CNN's Gloria Borger analyzes the relationship between President Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, after audio recordings were released of the pair.

Analysis: Trump is powerless as his legal fate spins out of control
President Donald Trump may no longer control his fate, a plight that helps explain his increasingly volcanic Twitter eruptions.

CNN obtains secret Trump-Cohen audio recording
Presidential candidate Donald Trump is heard on tape discussing with attorney Michael Cohen how they would buy the rights to a Playboy model's story about an alleged affair Trump had with her years earlier.

Opinion: Cohen may no longer be on Trump's side
Michael Cohen, who once famously asserted he would "take a bullet" to protect the President, has apparently reversed course -- now that the gun is locked and loaded, so to speak.

Analysis: This is a critical moment for Trump's presidency
Donald Trump has been president for 577 days as of today. One year and seven months, to the day, of what can be described without exaggeration as the least predictable presidency in modern history. And yet, for all the wackiness and whip-sawing of these first 19 months, there's a very credible case to make that the next two-ish weeks are the most critical of Trump's presidency to date -- and will set a course for the remaining years of his presidency that will be very difficult to alter.

Manafort jury reaches verdict on some counts, but not all
The jury in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has asked the judge what would happen if it can't reach consensus on one of the 18 counts it is deliberating.

Analysis: Can the GOP survive Trump?
Mike Murphy has long been on the "A" list of the Republican consulting world, having served as a lead adviser to Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, among many others. Since the rise of President Donald Trump, he has emerged as a leading voice within the party against Trump.


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