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The President has recently jumped into court cases, attacked legally supported investigations and put his political goals ahead of judicial conventions
He may be an imperfect messenger, but James Comey's warning is still chilling.

Don Lemon: So much for the 'law and order' President
CNN's Don Lemon responds to President Trump's attacks on the Justice Department, special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and the FBI.

Comey slams Trump and 'shameful' House Republicans
Former FBI Director James Comey slammed Republicans on Monday for not speaking out against President Donald Trump's attacks on the FBI and strongly defended the agency's conduct, following his second round of questioning at a closed-door congressional interview.

Opinion: Best move is to charge Trump and seal indictment
Last week the nation witnessed a courtroom spectacle that included the president's former personal lawyer and "fixer," Michael Cohen, groveling for mercy at a sentencing hearing while his daughter watched, a crutch at her side. Future historians might view the maudlin scene as the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.

Mueller releases memo summarizing FBI's interview with Flynn
Special counsel Robert Mueller has released a January 2017 memo detailing the FBI's interview that month with Michael Flynn -- a moment that led to a high-profile criminal case against the former Trump national security adviser.

Chris Cuomo breaks down key parts of Flynn interview
Special counsel Robert Mueller released a January 2017 memo detailing the FBI's interview that month with Michael Flynn. CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down the memo.

Trump sticking to strategy that cost the GOP the House
With his threat to shut down the federal government unless he receives funding for his border wall, President Donald Trump is employing a tactic that is unpopular to advance a goal that may be even more unpopular.

Analysis: Don't be fooled. Tennessee changes nothing about the 2020 Senate map
The first major surprise of the 2020 campaign came on Monday when Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) announced he would not run for a third term in two years' time.

Analysis: The measly $5 billion that could spark a partial shutdown
The standoff over government spending that could lead to a partial government shutdown is over $5 billion that President Donald Trump wants to start building his border wall and to further beef up border security.

Berman translates Trump's 'mob speak'
CNN's John Berman analyzes statements made by President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen and current lawyer Rudy Giuliani to see what they may reveal about the state of the investigations in Trump's life.


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