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QAnon's 'Meme Queen' Marches On
Valerie Gilbert posts dozens of times a day in support of an unhinged conspiracy theory. The story of this “meme queen” hints at how hard it will be to bring people like her back to reality.
Behind a Secret Deal Between Google and Facebook
Facebook was going to compete with Google for some advertising sales but backed away from the plan after the companies cut a preferential deal, according to court documents.
Inside Twitter's Decision to Cut Off Donald J. Trump
Jack Dorsey, the chief executive, had reservations about locking the president’s account. But the calls for violence that his tweets provoked were too overwhelming.
WhatsApp Delays Privacy Changes Amid User Backlash
The company faced a backlash from users who worried the changes made the messaging service less secure.
Peloton’s Rapid Rise Is Threatened by Its Slow Delivery
The company has boomed in popularity during the pandemic but getting its exercise bikes delivered has proved a struggle, one that is angering new customers.
Hypersonic Superweapons Are a Mirage, New Analysis Says
Two scientists find revolutionary claims about the evasion of detection and defenses to be “nonsense.”
When Tech Antitrust Failed
How did a case meant to lower prices instead possibly lead to higher prices?
TikTok Is Poised to Outlast Trump, and to Test Biden
It is unclear how the president-elect will approach the Chinese tech industry.
Need a New Knee or Hip? A Robot May Help Install It
As more people strive to stay active on aging frames, robots and other technologies are likely to play a wider role in helping surgeons replace joints.
Consumer Groups Target Amazon Prime’s Cancellation Process
A Norwegian group filed a complaint with regulators, saying Amazon had deliberately made it difficult to end memberships to its Prime service. Groups in Europe and the U.S. back the effort.


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