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Goodbye to the Wild Wild Web
The internet is changing, and the freewheeling, anything-goes culture of social media is being replaced by something more accountable.
How Infrared Images Could Be Part of Your Daily Life
In a post-quarantine world, heat sensors could help spot sick people with elevated temperatures as they enter public places. But it’s not that simple.
How to Make Smartphones Last Longer
In a pandemic-induced recession, it’s more important than ever to take care of our smartphones and other gadgets.
New ‘TV’ Is a Lot Like TV
Home entertainment today isn’t all that different from the time of VHS tapes.
What Hong Kong’s Pandemic Experience Taught Uber About Other Cities
The city was among the first to close and among the first to reopen. But Uber’s lessons there could be difficult to duplicate elsewhere.
The #Vanlife Business Is Booming
Coronavirus is just a distant memory while zipping around in a several-hundred-thousand-dollar custom van on the open road.
Can an Algorithm Predict the Pandemic’s Next Moves?
Researchers have developed a model that uses social-media and search data to forecast outbreaks of Covid-19 well before they occur.
Four Top Tech C.E.O.s Will Testify in Antitrust Inquiry, Panel Says
The hearing this month would be a central moment in the continuing backlash against the power of Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Apple.
Bogus Ideas Have Superspreaders, Too
Internet companies should treat people with big followings differently.
China’s Software Stalked Uighurs Earlier and More Widely, Researchers Learn
A new report revealed a broad campaign that targeted Muslims in China and their diaspora in other countries, beginning as early as 2013.


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