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When Rohingya Refugees Fled to India, Hate on Facebook Followed
After posts on the social network contributed to Myanmar’s genocide of Rohingya Muslims, Facebook vowed to fix the problem. Then the vitriol moved to India.
Russia Sought to Use Social Media to Influence E.U. Vote, Report Finds
A misinformation campaign by groups linked to Russia tried to depress turnout in last month’s parliamentary elections, a European Commission review said.
Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Approval, Said to Be Near, Could Undercut Challenge by States
Provisions set by the Justice Department, described by people familiar with the plan, could weaken a lawsuit that 10 attorneys general filed to try to block the $26 billion deal.
Stanford Team Aims at Alexa and Siri With a Privacy-Minded Alternative
A handful of companies already dominate the market for digital assistants. The implications for consumer privacy are a serious concern, researchers say.
How Data Can Help You Win in the Winner-Take-All Economy
To adapt to a faster pace of change, it helps to learn how to crunch numbers about whole organizations — and about yourself.
After Losing His Parents, an Author Wonders: Who and What Is Real?
In “Picnic Comma Lightning,” Laurence Scott combines a memoir about grief with an investigation into the ways technologies blur the line between public and private.
How Weapons Secrets Often Fall Into Enemy Hands
When a new weapon is introduced in war, the creator’s adversaries always look for an opportunity to get ahold of it.
The Week in Tech: Big Trouble With Trustbusters and China
The tech industry is caught in the middle of escalating trade tensions with China. And at home, regulators are getting serious about cracking down on Big Tech.
That Sleep Tracker Could Make Your Insomnia Worse
Apps and trackers can flood users with confusing data, doctors say. Some warn against orthosomnia, an obsession with “perfect” sleep.
Chinese Cyberattack Hits Telegram, App Used by Hong Kong Protesters
An attack against the messaging app Telegram and the arrest of a user show how the Hong Kong clash is unfolding digitally, with growing sophistication on both sides.


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