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Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Faces Exodus of Partners
Stripe, Mastercard, Visa and eBay said they were dropping out of the effort, a week after PayPal pulled out.
The Week in Tech: Navigating the Chinese Minefield
American tech companies want access to customers in China. But they’re learning that can come with a lot of baggage.
Warren Dares Facebook With Intentionally False Political Ad
The Democratic presidential candidate bought the ad to goad Facebook into removing misinformation in political ads, escalating her feud with the social network.
China’s Political Correctness: One Country, No Arguments
The Communist Party has spent decades preparing the people to defend a united homeland. Hong Kong’s protests show it has paid off.
Does Your Toothbrush Have an App Yet?
New technology is creating some excitement in the formerly ho-hum world of dental care.
Uber Acquires Cornershop, a Grocery Delivery Start-Up
Although the growth of its core business has slowed, Uber is building its food and freight delivery services, among other ambitions.
Netflix Goes All Out to Wow Children as Streaming Wars Intensify
Faced with new competition like Disney Plus, the streaming service has quietly prepared a barrage of shows and movies for children and families.
After Sparring, NASA and SpaceX Declare a Shared Mission
The space agency’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, met Elon Musk at SpaceX headquarters on Thursday to review progress toward launching NASA astronauts.
The Radical Guidebook Embraced by Google Workers and Uber Drivers
A book based on ideas associated with a labor group from the early 20th century has provided a blueprint for organizing without a formal union.
Apple Removes App That Helps Hong Kong Protesters Track the Police
Apple said it was removing the app, which was criticized by Chinese state media, because the Hong Kong authorities said protesters used it to attack the police.


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