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The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet
YouTube’s C.E.O. spends her days contemplating condoms and bestiality, talking advertisers off the ledge and managing a property the size of Netflix.
Tech Fix: Uber vs. Lyft: Which Ride-Hailing App Is Better?
Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two services to help you choose your go-to app for hitching rides.
Tech We’re Using: The Must-Have When Reporting on Disasters: A Satellite Phone
Thomas Fuller, San Francisco bureau chief, knows you cannot rely on cell networks during earthquakes, wildfires and other breaking news catastrophes.
Apple and Qualcomm Settle All Disputes Worldwide
Apple and Qualcomm said they had agreed to dismiss all litigation between them worldwide.
Pinterest Shares Jump 25 Percent on First Day of Trading
Public market investors warmed to Pinterest during its pitches ahead of its market debut.
Pinterest Prices I.P.O. at $19 a Share, for a $12.7 Billion Valuation
The shares will begin trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PINS.
Foxconn’s Deal With Wisconsin Should Be Revised, Gov. Tony Evers Says
Governor Evers, citing an “unreal expectation” of job creation, wants a new agreement with the Taiwanese electronic giant to build a $10 billion plant.
The Man Who Made Your iPhone Wants to Run Taiwan. A Sea Goddess Backs Him, He Says.
The entrance into the presidential race by the billionaire Terry Gou shakes up Taiwan’s political playing field and draws into sharp focus its strained relations with China.
As Netflix Contends With More Rivals, Hulu Stands Out
With 148 million subscribers and a value of $157 billion, Netflix is the leader in streaming. But Hulu, now controlled by Disney, has something Netflix doesn’t: ads. And they are worth a lot.
in her words: #WhatsMyName Stresses Safety for Uber Riders
A South Carolina student was murdered after getting into a car she mistook for her Uber, underscoring the safety risks of ride-hailing apps.


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