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The Next Tech Talent Shortage: Quantum Computing Researchers
By some estimates, only 1,000 or so researchers can claim to understand the technology. Finding more could become a national security issue.
Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own Apps
Conservative political apps deliver curated partisan messages, free from the strictures and content guidelines imposed by Silicon Valley giants.
Disinformation Spreads on WhatsApp Ahead of Brazilian Election
Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is trying to prove it can curb the spread of false news. But the app’s design makes it difficult.
Election 2018 Digital Misinformation Roundup
The midterm elections are 17 days away. Here is a collection of coverage from The New York Times and elsewhere on efforts to mislead voters on social media and the wider internet.
How the Blockchain Could Break Big Tech’s Hold on A.I.
Several start-ups hope to use the technology introduced by Bitcoin to give broader access to the data and algorithms behind artificial intelligence.
Facebook Ads From Unknown Backer Take Aim at Brexit Plan
The anonymous group’s campaign highlights Facebook’s continuing trouble with political advertising.
Julian Assange Says He’s Suing Ecuador for ‘Violating His Fundamental Rights’
The WikiLeaks founder claimed that his longtime hosts at the country’s embassy in London are limiting his contact with the outside world and censoring his speech.
In Liberal San Francisco, Tech Leaders Brawl Over Tax Proposal to Aid Homeless
Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Marc Benioff of Salesforce, among others, are sparring over a Nov. 6 ballot initiative that would impose new corporate taxes.
Bits: The Week in Tech: Executives Pull Out of Saudi Conference
Saudi Arabia’s investments in tech put some companies in a tough spot after evidence emerged that Saudi agents may have killed a dissident writer.
Weapons: Will There Be a Ban on Killer Robots?
A push for a global agreement on autonomous weapons is stalled, much to the chagrin of advocates who believe a treaty is urgently needed.


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