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Warrant confirms man detained by ICE while on way to hospital with pregnant wife is wanted for murder in Mexico [Followup]
Followup [link] [14 comments]

Despite what your racist uncle claims on Facebook, the upcoming Muslim prayer service and petting zoo will not include animal sacrifices [Obvious]
Obvious [link] [21 comments]

Photoshop this old bus [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [16 comments]

Benign prostate enlargement can be treated with steam now that they've stopped banning those types of games [Interesting]
Interesting [link] [23 comments]

Rectum? Almost killed him [Sick]
Sick [link] [45 comments]

Not to alarm anyone but Russia seems to have lost a nuclear missile. I'm sure nothing can possibly go wrong [Scary]
Scary [link] [60 comments]

The internet has progressed from the 'tide pod challenge' to the 'set yourself on fire challenge.' Can the 'drive roofing nails into your head challenge' be far off? [Repeat]
Repeat [link] [69 comments]

Hipsterism has invaded the cocaine crowd, with connoisseurs who take great pride in knowing more about blow than you [Strange]
Strange [link] [57 comments]

Let's not say he's flipping, let's just say he's wearing white tights, limbering up for his floor exercises, and smiling at the judges (not the Russian one) (link updated: he's flipping) [Followup]
Followup [link] [188 comments]

Homeowner says her 5 puppies were just outside playing. Half a kilometer away. During a forest fire [Silly]
Silly [link] [23 comments]


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