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Want to live in New York City but don't want to live in New York City? Have I got just the thing for you [Cool]
Cool [link] [29 comments]

Electrical power out in Uruguay and Argentina. The entirety of both countries. The sun is there, but only until about 7 p.m or so [Plug]
Plug [link] [82 comments]

Handing out a "most annoying boy" trophy to an autistic student? Yep, you bet that's a firing [Followup]
Followup [link] [110 comments]

Photoshop this aquarium visitor [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [18 comments]

Emergency room personnel call motorcyclists "future organ donors," and steering your bike with your feet while texting is a great way to prove them right [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [79 comments]

12th Annual Dear Daddy thread. What would you say to your dad today if you could? [Hero]
Hero [link] [187 comments]

What ever happened to the world we grew up in that was filled with green plastic strawberry baskets, webbed lawn chairs, and people playing solitaire on their desktop computers? [Cool]
Cool [link] [39 comments]

11 year old armed with a machete sends home invader to the hospital....where the cops let him escape [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [49 comments]

I wonder which way the wind was blowing? [Scary]
Scary [link] [13 comments]

I'm not saying that it's C.H.U.D.,'s C.H.U.D [Weird]
Weird [link] [34 comments]


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