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Racetrack Memory Gets a Boost
With ultrafast pulses, it's possible to write bits in picoseconds—100 times faster than today's technologies
4 Experts Respond to Trump's Executive Order on AI
The new "American AI Initiative" is heavy on bombast, light on specifics
Airbus: People Want and Will Use Urban Air Services
Airbus says air taxis could become a popular transportation option for urbanites
LipPass Authenticates Users Based On the Way They Move Their Mouths
A new user verification system for phones relies on the unique way a person moves his or her lips
Scientists Discover a New Kind of Magnet
Its magnetic properties come from spin excitons, and could someday improve the speed and power consumption of data storage devices
Loon to Adapt Its Balloon Tech for Telesat’s Satellite Internet Service
Loon’s proprietary radio solutions for balloon-based networks could work just as well in space
Pictionary-Playing AI Sketches the Future of Human-Machine Collaborations
As either "guesser" or "drawer," the Allen Institute's new AI cooperates with a human player
Quantum-Repeater Trial Ignites Hopes for Long-Distance Quantum Cryptography and Computation
New technology teases simple, photon-only alternative to existing high-maintenance quantum repeater technologies
DeepMind’s AI Shows Itself to Be a World-Beating World Builder
Bests human professional gamers in the complex strategy game StarCraft II
What’s Better Than 40 GPU-based Computers? A Computer With 40 GPUs
Engineers aim to use “silicon interconnect fabric” to build a computer with 40 GPUs on a single silicon wafer


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