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VW Solves Quantum Chemistry Problems on a D-Wave Machine
Scientists say their work offers a proof of principle for using D-Wave’s quantum computers to tackle even tougher chemistry problems
Here Are the Odds That One of SpaceX’s Internet Satellites Will Hit Someone
The FCC says hundreds of fragments from the Starlink constellation could reach the Earth’s surface every day
AIs Strive to Juggle Signals and Thwart Jammers in DARPA’s Spectrum Challenge
Six teams won US $750,000 each by showing that their AIs could responsibly manage spectrum
Scientists Outfit Bees With Wireless Sensors to Create a "Living IoT Platform"
A research team tries to turn bees into living drones by gluing wireless sensor platforms to their backs
Searching for the Perfect Artificial Synapse for AI
Researchers tried out several new devices to get closer to the ideal needed for deep learning and neuromorphic computing
New Class of Metamaterials Changes Physical Properties in Seconds
Mechanical metamaterials can have their rigidity tuned, offering a new approach to soft robotics
Germany’s Federal Network Agency Catches Flak For 5G Rules
Critics say the agency’s proposed coverage obligations “disregard the laws of physics”
DeepMind Achieves Holy Grail: An AI That Can Master Games Like Chess and Go Without Human Help
AlphaZero, a general-purpose game-playing system, quickly taught itself to be the best player ever in Go, chess and Shogi
Micrometer-Scale Mechanical Switches Work at Just 50 Millivolts
Energy harvesting IoT chips could compute with low power relays
How Will the U.S. Military Use the Hololens on the Front Line?
Adapting Microsoft's mixed-reality technology to meet soldiers' needs could be challenging, one expert says


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