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Wanted: A Bomb Detector as Sensitive as a Dog's Nose
Researchers developed a chemicals sensor that can identify trace amounts of explosive substances, such as TNT, in real-time
Nuclear Weapons Inspection: Encryption System Could Thwart Spies and Expose Hoaxes
A new encryption technique developed at MIT can help ensure nuclear weapons inspectors aren’t fooled and military secrets don’t leak out
A Machine Learning Classifier Can Spot Serial Hijackers Before They Strike
Serial hijackers routinely steal IP addresses to pilfer data and launch attacks. Extra-trees classifiers could sniff out these hackers sooner
Drones as Detectives: Surveying Crime Scenes for Evidence
Researchers in Brazil are developing a drone that scouts for evidence—and want to use its footage to reconstruct crime scenes
World’s First Deepfake Audit Counts Videos and Tools on the Open Web
A new report finds that deepfake software is still prohibitively hard to use, but that may not be true for much longer
How NASA Will Grapple and Refuel a Satellite in Low Earth Orbit
In 2022, a robotic NASA spacecraft will pay a service call to Landsat 7
Making the Ultimate Software Sandbox
Is it possible to process encrypted data when you don’t trust either the software or the hardware involved?
China Grew Two Cotton Leaves on the Moon
The science team behind China's Chang’e-4 spacecraft also wanted to send tortoises to the moon's far side
Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: An Automatic Climate Control System
Using remote heat-sensing, researchers are creating a system that autonomously controls the temperature within cars and homes
What Google's Quantum Supremacy Claim Means for Quantum Computing
Leaked details about Google's quantum supremacy experiment stirred up a media frenzy about the next quantum computing milestone


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