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System Creates the Illusion of an Ideal AI Chip
Team makes multiple processors with 3D memory act like one big chip
Superconducting Microprocessors? Turns Out They're Ultra-Efficient
The 2.5 GHz prototype uses 80 times less energy than its semiconductor counterpart, even accounting for cooling
How Facial Recognition Technology Is Helping Identify the U.S. Capitol Attackers
Huge databases and powerful AI algorithms enable a law enforcement panopticon
How to Find the Ideal Replacement When a Research Team Member Leaves
A new model identifies the optimum replacement member based on their skillset and working relationship with the remaining members
U.S. Takes Strategic Step to Onshore Electronics Manufacturing
National defense bill incentivizes establishment and expansion of leading-edge foundries
Perovskite Solar Out-Benches Rivals in 2021
On threshold of landmark 30 percent efficiency, Oxford PV leads charge for next wave of renewables
IBM Makes Encryption Paradox Practical
“Fully homomorphic” cryptography allows partial access to digital vaults without ever opening their locks
Can AI Lead to Pregnancy?
Sometimes yes, if a couple struggling to conceive turn to machine learning to pick the right embryo for implantation
3D-printing hollow structures with "xolography"
New technique uses criss-crossing light beams in a vat of resin to create simple machines with moving parts
DeepMind's New AI Masters Games Without Even Being Taught the Rules
It's the next step toward self-directed learning about the real world. Cue the shark music


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