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3 Easy Ways to Evaluate AI Claims
Interrogate the data, consider possible incentives, and look for the dreaded “hype salad”
AI Chemist Finds the Best Recipe and Stirs Up Molecules From Scratch
A new automated lab bench combs through known chemical reactions to figure out how best to synthesize compounds
6 Things to Know About the Biggest Chip Ever Built
Startup Cerebras has built a wafer-size chip for AI, but it isn’t the only one possible
GlobalFoundries, Arm Close in on 3D Chip Integration
3D interconnects could shorten delays within processor cores
Quantum Cryptography Needs a Reboot
Today, it's a boutique security product—but its enabling tech could someday power large-scale quantum computing
Specialized AI Chips Hold Both Promise and Peril for Developers
In the next few years, chipmaking giants and well-funded startups will race to gain market share
What Engineers and Shamans Have in Common
How Vannevar Bush's call for engineers to “minister to the people” could inspire 21st century EEs to tackle the world's most vexing problems
Syntiant AI Chip Means Alexa Wakes Up for Small-Battery Systems
Amazon certifies Syntiant's microwatt-powered deep learning chip
What Is ‘Hot Lightning’? Satellites Reveal Which Strikes Are Most Likely to Start Wildfires
New satellite sensor data, combined with info from the terrestrial U.S. National Lightning Detection Network, will help scientists identify the most dangerous lightning strikes
Descartes Labs Built a Top 500 Supercomputer From Amazon Cloud
Cofounder Mike Warren talks about the future of high-performance computing in a data-rich, cloud computing world


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