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Experiment Shows How to Eavesdrop on Terahertz Frequencies
If you position yourself between a stationary transmitter and receiver, it’s possible to deflect signals and steal information
A Q&A With Micron Technology’s Memory Mastermind
Gurtej Sandhu has propelled Moore’s Law with his innovations, and is now looking at what’s beyond
Paul Allen Remembered
The Microsoft cofounder was a different kind of tech billionaire
AI on a MEMS Device Brings Neuromorphic Computing to the Edge
For the first time, artificial intelligence has been integrated into a MEMS device
Qualcomm Introduces New Chipsets for 60-Gigahertz Wi-Fi
The chipsets are the first to utilize the new 802.11ay standard
Eta Compute Debuts Spiking Neural Network Chip for Edge AI
Chip can learn on its own and inference at 100-microwatt scale, says company at Arm TechCon
New ALPHA-g Detector Poised to Search for Signs of Antigravity
Scientists at CERN are racing to fire up a detector that will explore the effects of gravity on antimatter—before the whole facility shuts down for two years
Getting Back to the Space Station
After an aborted Soyuz mission to the International Space Station, how long it will take to resume flights there? Will NASA's Commercial Crew Program have to come to the rescue?
Verizon’s 5G Rollout Experiences Are a Mixed Bag So Far
While performance for those using the prototype 5G network was great, coverage was very limited
Economics Nobel Prize Winner Sees No Singularity on the Horizon
William Nordhaus looked for leading indicators of a Singularity back in 2015 but couldn't find any


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