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U.S. Eases Restrictions on Private Remote-Sensing Satellites
Commercial satellite-imaging companies are set to benefit from the upcoming changes to regulations
DNA Databases in the U.S. and China Are Tools of Racial Oppression
What is initially presented as a public good can easily be used for evil ends
Biking’s Bedazzling Boom
The pandemic has brought with it a renewed global interest in bicycling
New Hardware Mimics Spiking Behavior of Neurons With High Efficiency
Using silicon-based transistors that emit electrical charges, researchers were able to make a highly efficient Spiking Neural Network (SNN)
Japan’s Fugaku Supercomputer Completes First-Ever Sweep of High-Performance Benchmarks
Fugaku, based on the Arm architecture, races ahead in processing speed, running real-world applications, and in a new benchmark: evaluating calculations used in artificial intelligence
Tiny Satellites Could Distribute Quantum Keys
CubeSat design packs entangled photon generator into small space
VR System Hacks Your Nose to Turn Smells Into Temperatures
Smells can be an efficient, effective way of delivering temperature sensations in virtual reality
Why Wait For Apple? Try Out The Original ARM Desktop Experience Today With A Raspberry Pi
Future MacBooks and iMacs are going to be powered using a ARM-based chip, but the Acorn Archimedes was the first desktop to use this architecture
Honeywell Claims It Has Most Powerful Quantum Computer
6-qubit ion trap system hits a critical benchmark
Smart Home Devices Can Reveal Behaviors Associated With Dementia
A machine learning algorithm applied to data from smart home devices could detect behavioral differences between healthy individuals and people with dementia


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