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New “Network 2030” Group Asks: What Comes After 5G?
The ITU focus group wants to make sure the backbone of every network can support future demand for data
Two Startups Use Processing in Flash Memory for AI at the Edge
Mythic AI and Syntiant sound similar on the surface, but they’re after different markets
Merah Putih Features New Tech to Improve Satellite Broadband Service
The satellite, made with 3D-printed components, will use spot beams to provide higher data rates
Plasmonic Antenna Shines a Light on Terahertz Processors
The antenna, just a few micrometers in size, uses ballistic electrons to transmit signals
Millions of U.S. Voter Records Exposed on Robocall Company RoboCent's Poorly Configured AWS Cloud Storage
Some records listed voters’ personal interests, religious affiliation, and estimates of their income and net worth
Startup JITX Uses AI to Automate Complex Circuit Board Design
AI has the potential to take much of the dull complexity out of designing custom circuit boards
Turbo Codes Supercharge Internet of Things
Leti’s Turbo-FSK is a low-power, long-range solution for IoT
Intel Drives New Bus for Future Chiplets
The company aims to simplify future systems with an "Ethernet for chiplets"
Scientists Find a Giant Reservoir of Liquid Water Under the Surface of Mars
Radar data from the Mars Express orbiter has given us some of the biggest Red Planet news in years
Instruments to Make Music With Aliens: Gamma Ray Bells and Gravitational Wave Cellos
Experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats is playing some crazy cosmic vibes


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