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Photonics Meets Plasmonics in New Switch that Could Steer Lidar Laser Beams
Opto-electro-mechanical switch could open the way to lidar beam steering and reconfigurable photonic networks for information processing
Andrey Markov & Claude Shannon Counted Letters to Build the First Language-Generation Models
Shannon's said: “OCRO HLI RGWR NMIELWIS”
The Blogger Behind "AI Weirdness" Thinks Today's AI Is Dumb and Dangerous
Janelle Shane talks about the absurdity, perils, and limits of AI
China Says Its Mars Landing Technology Is Ready for 2020
Spacecraft propulsion systems are ready for China’s daring touchdown attempt on the red planet
FedEx Ground Uses Virtual Reality to Train and Retain Package Handlers
Turnover for a tough job and safety concerns led the package delivery service to test VR training with ‘overpowering’ results
Microsoft's AI Research Draws Controversy Over Possible Disinformation Use
Microsoft's AI could enable its popular chatbot to comment on news, but critics see a tool for spreading disinformation
In the 17th Century, Leibniz Dreamed of a Machine That Could Calculate Ideas
The machine would use an “alphabet of human thoughts” and rules to combine them
Why Does Israel Have So Many Startups?
Israel’s Tel Aviv isn’t the next Silicon Valley, but it is home to more startups than almost anywhere else
At Domino’s Biggest Franchisee, a Chatbot Named “Dottie” Speeds Up Hiring
The text message-based software app has helped the operator of 187 pizza shops cut the time it takes to hire hourly workers in half
U.S. Invests in Fabs That Make Radiation-Hardened Chips
Sandia National Labs is upgrading its line for making chips for nuclear weapons, and SkyWater Technology Foundry is adding radiation hardening and copper interconnects to its toolkit


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