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July 4, 1997: Sojourner Arrives on the Red Planet
Hitching a ride on the Mars Pathfinder mission, the Sojourner rover arrived on Mars on July 4, 1997.
A Day's Work: Robert Behnken Updates Power Systems on the Station
On June 26, 2020, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Chris Cassidy conducted the first of two spacewalks to swap batteries and upgrade power systems on the International Space Station.
Deep Space 1 Spacecraft at 2.3 Million Miles from Earth
June 30 is Asteroid Day.
An Astronaut's View of Work
Spacewalkers Bob Behnken (left) and Chris Cassidy (right) in the Quest Airlock on June 26, 2020, before beginning a spacewalk to replace batteries on one of two power channels on the International Space Station.
Hubble Captures Galaxy on Edge
We don’t see the beautiful spiral arms of galaxy NGC 5907 in this Hubble image because we are viewing it edge-on, like looking at the rim of a plate. It is for this reason that NGC 5907 is also known as the Knife Edge galaxy.
The Space Station's Solar Transit
This composite image, made from six frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of five onboard, in silhouette as it transits the Sun.
A Solar Eclipse Shadows Asia
On June 21, 2020, as the International Space Station orbited over Kazakhstan and into China, an external high-definition camera captures this picture of the solar eclipse shadowing a portion of the Asian continent.
NGC 7027: Like a Metallic Jewel Bug in the Sky
In this image NGC 7027 resembles a jewel bug, an insect with a brilliantly colorful metallic shell.
Astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken Work on U.S. Spacesuits
NASA astronauts (from top) Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken work on U.S. spacesuits.
Black Hole Bounty Captured in the Center of the Milky Way
Astronomers have discovered evidence for thousands of black holes located near the center of our Milky Way galaxy using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.


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