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AI Has Started Cleaning Up Facebook, but Can It Finish?
Artificial intelligence has proved effective at keeping nudity and pornography off of Facebook. But recognizing hate speech and bullying is a much tougher task.
The Iran Hacks Cybersecurity Experts Feared May Be Here
An uptick in potentially Iran-related hacking since the nuclear deal collapsed spells trouble for the US and allies.
Galileo, Krypton, and How the Metric Standard Came to Be
Science often progresses not because of ideas or insights but because more precise tools for measurement are invented, and those tools open new frontiers.
A New Disease Is Testing Us for the Next Global Epidemic
As perplexing to diagnose as it is to treat, acute flaccid myelitis may foreshadow whether our surveillance systems could uncover a severe epidemic.
Audi's Self-Driving Cars See the World With Luminar's Lidar
VW's self-driving division Audi AID picked Luminar's system from a crowded field, impressed by its range and resolution.
Amnesty Report: Twitter Abuse Toward Women Is Rampant
Frustrated by Twitter's silence on abuse against women, Amnesty International crowdsourced its own data and found that the platform was especially toxic for black women.
Watch Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Launch Its New Shepard Rocket
On Tuesday, the Amazon founder's space company will send a rocket aloft carrying nine NASA payloads on a suborbital flight.
'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Rules the Box Office
'Mortal Engines', however, is not faring so well. Plus: details on Netflix's 'Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' and Apple's 'Peanuts' project.
Pixar's Renderman CGI Software Celebrates Its 30th Birthday
It's more than just a program—it's perhaps the most transformative software Hollywood has ever seen.
Russia's IRA Targeted Black Americans, Exploiting Racial Tensions
A new report documents how the Internet Research Agency had a much more sustained, deliberate focus on black Americans.


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